A Bit About Me

I graduated from Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) in May 2017 with a degree in Environmental Studies and a certificate in Geographic Information Systems. After graduation I began my current job as a GIS Analyst with Metro Commercial Real Estate in Mount Laurel, NJ.

I've taken an interest in software development since graduation and aspire to be a web and/or mobile developer. To accomplish this, I am currently building my software development skills to an employable level through online course platforms such as Treehouse and Codecademy, working on non-profit and open-source projects, and building ideas into working web applications.

During my last few semesters at Temple I started getting interested in programming after being introduced to Python for automating GIS tasks. I also learned a bit of JavaScript through another course where interactive web maps were made through the Leaflet.js library. More recently I've learned Java and been introduced to the Android SDK and have been learning Python web development frameworks such as Flask and Django.

I built this website from scratch to strengthen my HTML and CSS skills and to host my GIS and programming portfolios. The navigation bar will take you to my two portfolio pages and to see a pdf version of my resume. Feel free to explore the site and learn more about the work I'm doing!

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